Waco Adult Day Care
323 N 29th Street
Waco, TX

Located on the corner of
Waco Dr. and N. 29th St.

(254) 714-2274 (phone)
(254) 714-2166 (fax)











We are ready to assist you in moving forward in your attempt to care for your loved ones by:

  • Scheduling an evaluation appointment with our nurse

  • Assuring an appropriate placement by reviewing medical records and personally provided information

  • Assisting their transportation to and from the facility, as needed.

  • Networking with community resources to ensure a high standard of care in all areas

  • Providing all state required components of a state and federally licensed program.


Daily services offered at Adult Day Care And Mental Health Associates of Waco.

  • A complete full and part-time staff trained to specific areas to meet daily needs.

  • One home-cooked meal (lunch), one a. m. snack and one p.m. snack prepared on site.

  • Community networking with area agencies (e.g. MHMR) who also serve our population.

  • Medication management.

  • Eating assistance, including selected special diets.

  • Mental health and behavioral therapy, when appropriate, through both individual and group sessions.


Our facility has gained a great reputation for providing:

  • a safe, friendly, homelike environment

  • medication monitoring

  • basic nursing care

  • daily socialization